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Street Fighter II: V: 1x9

The Superstar of Muay Thai

Sagat and Ryu battle each other using Muay Thai. Ryu eventually stops using Muay Thai and just uses his regular fighting style, and begins to overpower Sagat slightly. The fight ends in a draw after Sagat realizes that he and Ryu are kindred fighting spirits. Sagat vows to protect Ryu as long as he is in prison, and he calls the fight off. Nuchi then insists Sagat and Ryu continue to fight because he wants 50% of the money that was bet in the fight before it was called off by Sagat. Sagat refuses, and an angered Nuchi attempts to kill Sagat. Ryu and Sagat fight off Nuchi, and then Ken, after much work, manages to get Ryu out of prison. Ryu says farewell to Sagat, and then Ryu and Ken get in the car and the episode ends as Ryu finds out who was behind his imprisonment.

Street Fighter II: V: 1×9
Jun. 19, 1995

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